Transform djs nieuwTransform DJs

The Transform DJs from the USA use EDM to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They fight against injustice and strongly supports pro-life activities. The DJs partly made Afterbeat what it is today. In 2013 they came up with the idea to organise workshops in the public schools, followed by a show in the local club. Since the first show of the Dj’s for Afterbeat, they became an indespensible part of the foundation. As ambassadors they embrace the vision of the foundation and have been a part of the program every year until now.


SonarZone Afterbeat


SonarZone is a DJ from Schotland, UK. After his performance at the Teenage Club night in November of 2015, he has been the initiator of extending Afterbeat to Scotland. August of 2016, Sonarzone was the support act for the Transfrom DJS in the first Afterbeat event in Dunfermline Scotland!





Crossfya is a band from Manchester. They’re reaching thousands of young people in Eastern Europe and the UK making use of hiphop and dance music. In 2016 Afterbeat got introduced with Crossfya by Tim Cook, the band leader of Crossfya, who hosted an English class for Afterbeat at the Ubbo Emmius College in Veendam.